Update from CEO Preston Parrish (Ebola Outbreak)…

For most, the current ebola outbreak in West Africa is a distant news story. In the past, however, I’ve had opportunity to participate in meetings with both government and church leaders of Liberia, and greatly appreciated their Christian faith.

Their faith – already forged and strengthened through years of brutal internal war – is once again being put to the test by this deadly disease. And they are once again crying out to God for His intervention and help — in offices, shops, factories, towns and villages across their nation (as the following news report demonstrates). Let’s join them in prayer for their nation and people.

Mindful that we ourselves are not exempt from calamity, may God also give us political, corporate and civic leadership of like faith and courage (and of course, such leadership in churches as well).

An excerpt from the Voice of America (VOA) report:

“In Liberia, where the World Health Organization has reported at least 255 deaths from the virus, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s message to the nation Tuesday night boiled down to this: God help us.

“Relying on his divine guidance for our survival as a nation,” she said, “I call on all Liberians to observe three days of national fast and prayer to see God’s face, to have mercy on us and forgive our sins and heal our land.”



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