“Your Daughter is not Responsive…”

Billy and his Chaplain sat in the hospital trauma center for hours before the doctor came and spoke the words he would never forget, “Your daughter is not responsive, but alive!” Billy’s daughter Autumn had been in an automobile crash earlier that morning. Billy’s Chaplain from work had been contacted and was one of the first to arrive.

Hear his story of how his company's chaplain helped he and his family walk through a really difficult situation!

Hours seemed like days as Billy and Sherri, his wife, watched and listened to the doctors and medical staff as they ran between them and the emergency room. A bruised brain with concerns of swelling and a severely damaged left arm would send Autumn into emergency surgery for six hours, followed by a four day stint in the ICU unit.

“It was February 21st, 2011 when this journey started for my family and my chaplain has been with us every step of the way. His presence, comfort, counsel, and prayer have been greatly appreciated and he has been a part of the anchor that has helped us weather the storm.” Billy is thankful that his company helps to provide the Chaplains’ service to its employees. “I look forward to seeing and sharing with my friend as he makes his rounds ministering. My Chaplain is a mirror of my Savior, what a friend and blessing he is to me!”

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