Three Ways I Was Saved in One Day!

I always rode my motorcycle without a helmet. One Monday morning, I woke up with my employer’s words of caution ringing in my ears, “I don’t want to see you riding that motorcycle without a helmet.” For the first time, I listened and headed down the road. As I approached an intersection, the light turned yellow so I stopped. I put my foot down and remember the sensation of being pushed. I didn’t know what was happening, but I had been hit.

I realized I was lying on the ground and tried to take my helmet off. I heard someone say, “Lift up your head.” I tried to pull up and felt something brush my head before losing consciousness again.

I later learned as I was hit from behind, I was thrown into a bypassing SUV and landed in the intersection. The brush I felt was a passing truck that just missed me when I obeyed the voice to lift my head.

When I awoke in the hospital after six surgeries, seven blood transfusions, four breaks in my leg, and a shattered knee and ankle, my company’s chaplain was sitting in a chair beside me. As Chaplain Scott talked to me, I knew I needed to surrender my life. I felt the Lord say, “Son, I need to drive this car now.” I told Chaplain Scott, “I can’t do it by myself any more.   Help me!” I will be forever grateful to Chaplain Scott for taking that time to lead me into personal relationship with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

God saved me three ways that day! I am so thankful for:

  1. My company’s owner who loves his employees enough to care about their safety and consistently warned me to wear a helmet.
  2. The voice that told me to sit up.
  3. The forgiveness of Jesus Christ that saved my life for all eternity.

I know that this life is a race and without Him, I don’t know where I’d be.

9 thoughts on “Three Ways I Was Saved in One Day!

  1. Eddie, I heard this saying that “sometimes we make choices but sometimes choices make us”; your choice to listen to the advice of our employer, wear your helmet that day, and to lift up your head has made you a man of God, a better man and a better employee, etc.. You not only lifted up your head that day, you “lifted up your life”. God bless.

  2. I think there where several ways the Lord called you: 1) He gave you ears to hear the words of your boss 2) He allowed you to wake the next day 3) He kept the words of warning from your boss fresh in your mind and ears 4) He changed your disobedience to one of obedience so you wore your helmet 5) You only felt the push of being hit, no pain 6) an angel spoke to you to raise your head 7) the truck that missed running you over was your past disobedience via Satan’s hold on you 8) the brush you felt by your head was the freedom you got from Jesus death on the Cross which broke your bondage to Satan 9) The Lord led you to a job whose owner provides workplace chaplains 10) He made you able to know that you needed Jesus as your Savior and Master of your life and that God was now Sovereign and not you. They call that repentance. 11) He gave Chaplain Scott the divine assignment of leading you to Christ 12) He changed your heart from self serving and ungratefulness to one of gratefulness, thanksgiving, and service to the Lord. 13) He gave you a mission to testify to the world about the His loving grace and Son, Jesus Christ.

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