A Statement from our CEO Preston Parrish

By a 1-vote margin, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex couples nationwide have a right to marry. This ruling saddens everyone who believes that, Biblically, marriage consists of the union of one man and one woman. However, as a parachurch ministry serving companies nationwide by providing chaplaincy care to employees and their… [Read More]

Caring for Those Who Care

CCA chaplains plant the flag of Christ’s life-changing Good News daily. We’re committed to caring for these faithful servants as they care for others. Your gift to CCA this month will help us provide them with healthcare insurance and other important benefits for them and their families. Donate now!  

I Learned What it Means to Be Saved

I was introduced to Corporate Chaplains of America through my previous company who provided chaplaincy services. I was excited to learn I would have a new confidant and weekly touch point when my current company provided a CCA chaplain. I will always remember my chaplain’s involvement when I was about to become a father 5… [Read More]

What’s In A Flag?

WHAT’S IN A FLAG?  Or, to ask the question another way, why is a flag such a big deal? The United States of America will observe Flag Day on June 14 and Independence Day on July 4. On both of these occasions, the American flag will be the focal point of celebrations across our land… [Read More]