CCA Louisiana Chaplain Offers Hope

Louisiana Flood Update: Thank you to everyone who gave to help us minister to the victims of the Louisiana floods by donating on social media. We have been able to provide gift cards to employees in the companies we serve that have been most impacted. Please continue to pray and give here.  Here is a story from… [Read More]

My Chaplain, “God’s Gift”

It was 7 a.m. on an October morning when my husband received a call from his sister. His father had passed away… he was 92.  That same morning my husband had a doctor’s appointment.  As we were driving back home after the CT scan, the doctor called us and told us to drive straight to… [Read More]

Facing Our Personal 9/11s

Fifteen years have now passed since that horrific morning which cut us to our national quick, and forever altered our sense of security and view of the world. Consider this: During that same month, countless people in the United States (and beyond) also buried loved ones due to other events and circumstances. Even more people… [Read More]