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The Charlotte Observer recently released an article featuring Maureen Palmer and Hank Fields, CCA chaplains serving Movement Mortgage. “When the Movement Mortgage office chaplain stops by Felicia Powers’ desk, she doesn’t have to worry that the conversation will be about work. Instead, chaplain Maureen Palmer, who goes by Moe, may ask Powers how her day… [Read More]

CCA’s Annual Live Nativity Dec 8 & 9

Live Nativity Brings Christmas Message While Benefitting Local Crisis Ministry This Christmas season brings a unique experience to the North Raleigh and Wake Forest area. Corporate Chaplains of America, nestled alongside Highway 98 in Wake Forest, is hosting a drive-thru Nativity experience including live animals on December 8th and 9th from 6:00 pm- 8:30 pm. The… [Read More]

8 Ways to Pray after 11.8

Election Day 2016 has indeed “come to pass.” The individuals we’ve elected to national, state, and local offices will now enact laws, policies, and programs that will have an impact — for good or ill — on our society. But from heaven’s perspective, even the latest election “winners” will, at some point, become “former” office holders. In… [Read More]