Company Spotlight: Best Roofing

Company Name:  Best Roofing

Company CEO:  Greg Wallick

Company Website:

Company Size: 285 employees

Years having a Chaplain: 11 (2/9/06)

Why did you decide to bring a chaplain into your company?  At first I was hoping our chaplain who spoke Spanish could help me relate to my Hispanic work force. Most of my workers were Spanish and I needed someone to translate and I really liked the thought of having a pastor help me communicate. Over the past 10 years our companies relationship with Albert has transcended into the “go to guy” when it comes to challenging situations. Challenging issue, call Albert!

What value does your chaplain bring to your company? Albert Beltran has become part of the fabric of our company.

Share a story of when your chaplain helped you or an employee? Shortly after Albert came on board with us, we had an employee who was loved by everyone in the company fall off the roof and die. I don’t know what we would have done without Albert’s guidance during that very challenging accident.

Favorite aspect about chaplaincy? Albert’s weekly message to our company is the closest thing to church for many of our employees. It’s comforting to know when the storms of life happen our staff has someone they can speak with who will sincerely listen to their challenges. Albert also attends our quarterly huddle meetings and translates our hour long meeting to those who don’t speak English.

How would you describe the benefits of chaplaincy to another owner? Our chaplain is very sensitive to the staff and does a great job relating to their needs and is always available for deeper conversations if desired.  

Any other remarks? As an owner of a business and believer, it’s important that we create an environment where our people have an opportunity to discover or expand their own personal faith walk. Having a chaplain on call allows this to happen.


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