Company Spotlight: Coldwell Banker Reehl Properties

Company Name: Coldwell Banker Reehl Properties

Company Size: 10 Staff Members – 47 Real Estate Agents

Years having a Chaplain: Approximately 7 years

Why did you decide to bring a chaplain into your company? To bring a strong godly influence into our company to be able to provide support to our agents and staff.

What value does your chaplain bring to your company? Mike opens all of our Tuesday morning sales meetings with words of encouragement and prayer. He is part of our family and provides incredible support during challenging times for our whole group.

Share a story of when your chaplain helped you or an employee? Recently, we had a tragic accident – one of our agent’s sons was killed on a jet ski. Mike drove 4 hours from Fairhope, AL to Port St. Joe, FL to be with the family and upon request of the father, they went to a neutral site to pray. He is always there for any of our people in need and we have hundreds of stories of him being there for godly support.

What is one of your favorite aspects about chaplaincy? We love having Mike here to open our weekly sales meetings in prayer.

How would you describe the benefits of chaplaincy to another owner? It was the best thing we have done for our company in our 35 years of business, and he has made a complete difference in how we look at our company going forward.

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