Corporate Chaplains of America partners with CEOs and business owners to provide quality care to employees and their families in Christ’s Name. Our chaplains view their work not merely as a job, but as a calling from God to invest in the lives of people, helping them with the issues of life and eternity.

Career Chaplains

We employ primarily full time, long-term, career chaplains who combine a workplace background with professional chaplaincy training. Although most of our chaplains hold graduate degrees from accredited seminaries, all are required to continue their education through our own specially developed curriculum.

CCA Distinctives

Corporate Chaplains of America is the first organization in the industry to:

  • Design, develop, produce and implement a broad intensive assimilation and training program which includes a 154 hour video based learning DVDs, a 512 page textbook covering practical caregiving principles, a set of 10 audio CDs giving topic-based instruction, concluding with a graded writing assignment on each of the major sections of material and peer review leading to certification for all full time staff chaplains.
  • Build a process-managed system to provide seamless integration of its chaplaincy system into companies large and small, public and private. CCA serves businesses in practically every industry classification. Some have as few as 10 employees, and others have in excess of 10,000.
  • Build an extensive full time workforce of highly trained professional chaplains.
  • Integrate continuing education training systems designed to keep chaplain skills current.
  • Offer long term career pathways for chaplain and support staff.
  • Invest nearly one half million dollars in the creation and development of The Corporate Chaplains Institute, which is capable of providing continuing education to our chaplains in order to hone their care-giving and crisis management skills.

The American free enterprise workplace today is both multi-cultural and extremely diverse spiritually. Although it employs only Christian chaplains, CCA is a non-denominational organization and pledges to care for all employees regardless of ethnic or faith background in a completely non-threatening manner. With well over 100,000 employees and their families under chaplaincy care, Corporate Chaplains of America has never encountered a major complaint regarding a spiritual matter.

For CCA, “Caring in the Workplace” is much more than a slogan; it is a way of life.