Mission Advancing Programs

MAPs Wheel Chair

 Taking employee care to a deeper level

At Corporate Chaplains of America, one on one chaplaincy is and has always been the core of what we do and is the foundation on which all employee care is built.  Confidentially and with permission, corporate chaplains provide 24/7 care for employees and their loved ones who face emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually challenging life situations.

Mission Advancing Programs allow us to build on the foundation of chaplaincy and go even deeper with employees.  MAPs are designed to enhance the mission of CCA: To build caring relationships with the hope of gaining permission to share the life changing Good News of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening manner.

Employee Engagement Team

The Employee Engagement Team is a custom tailored approach to caring for a company’s employees and the surrounding community. While each company’s vision will be unique, the goal is for the company culture to develop into a ministry platform; a place where the employees not only make a living, but also experience life. With the guidance of the chaplain, the Employee Engagement Team will engage employees in caring for one another and the community.

Employees serving their community in a homeless shelter kitchen
Employees serving their community in a homeless shelter kitchen

LifeHelp Resources

Chaplains are available to facilitate small or large groups which help employees navigate through commonly shared life issues using materials designed for a finite period of time. The wide variety of topics includes spiritual issues, family issues, physical and emotional challenges and more.

MAPs Group Training

CareOne Employee Reinstatement Option

Employee care can be taken to a deeper level by offering a faith-based program which walks employees through substance abuse issues and helps them find freedom. Employees involved in this program can find new hope in their life and relationships including families, jobs and spiritual life. CareOne works in tandem with the support of the local corporate chaplain and is an alternative to termination.

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