CCA Roots in Business Run Deep

After earning a business degree, our founder Mark Cress started his career with the Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. This was followed by a successful period as an entrepreneur. As a person of faith, he recognized how employees came to the workplace with many of the challenges and problems they were dealing with at home. By the early 1990s Mark became convinced God was speaking to him about leaving his business and founding a non-profit organization that would make a difference in the lives of people in the workplace. To prepare, he enrolled in a seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. While receiving his Master of Divinity degree, he refined the plans for what became Corporate Chaplains of America. By February of 1996, the organization was launched with himself as the original chaplain, but with hopes and dreams of building a national organization with more than a thousand chaplains serving more than a million employees. It was not long before he began to meet many business owners and executives who shared his beliefs about employee care. Along the way Mark earned a Doctorate in Business Ethics and Leadership from another Seminary in the Boston area. He feels God has guided every step of CCA’s growth and development.

Today, CCA has a chaplain serving in practically every type of business in America. Our office in Wake Forest, NC serves as a National Support Center and training facility. We are excited to be growing on the foundation of our mission, which is centered on sharing the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ!