What are the work experience and degree requirements for service as a CCA Chaplain?

CCA Chaplains should have a minimum of 7-10 years of full-time workplace experience. A business degree can reduce this requirement. Chaplains should have earned a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies from an accredited college or university. A Master of Divinity is preferred.

All CCA Chaplains must be in accord with our Statement of Faith and Mission Statement.

Please visit “Become a Chaplain” for more information.

How does the application process work?

Our aim is to find qualified men and women of integrity with a strong, clear call to this ministry and a growing relationship with the Lord. For this reason, the CCA Chaplain application and multi-step interview process is thorough and extensive. We encourage all interested individuals to test and verify their call to this ministry before applying.

Once you’ve met the basic requirements, fill out an application online. You’ll receive an email acknowledgement that we’ve received your application.

If selected to interview, subsequent steps in the review process include a 40-minute phone interview with CCA recruiting staff, a confidential employment assessment, a second interview with a Chaplain Manager, followed by the opportunity to see him/her in action in his/her mission field. The final interview entails a two-day campus interview on location at the Support Center in Wake Forest, NC. During the interview process, criminal, credit, and DMV checks will be ordered and business and personal references will be contacted. You will be notified by email if you have been accepted to join our team.

Do I have to fill out an application online?

Yes. Every applicant to CCA must fill out an online application to begin the review process. Paper or fax submissions are not accepted. Apply here.

May I apply for multiple openings?

Yes. There is a place on the application to identify multiple locations of interest.

Are there opportunities for professional growth?

Yes! At CCA we encourage personal, professional, and spiritual growth among our team members. As one component of our process-managed professional workplace ministry growth program, we have formulated a chaplain career development path. This program provides practical training and resources to sharpen ministry skills and to recognize and reward progress in meeting these goals. This career path offers opportunity for professional growth over a measurable timeframe, with tangible rewards. Read more here.

How can I find out what positions are currently open at CCA?

Please visit our Employment Opportunities page.

How often are Chaplain openings updated?

We update within 24 hours of the identification of a need for a new applicant.

If you don’t have an opening I am interested in, should I still apply?

We are always looking for qualified, gifted individuals who sense the Lord’s call on their lives to join a workplace ministry like ours. We keep qualified applications on file for constant review.

How do you train new Chaplains?

We are committed to providing our Chaplains the best preparation for their new ministry, equipping them with the tools they need to be effective caregivers on the job in the marketplace. All of our Chaplains are required to go through a thorough training program at our Support Center in Wake Forest, N.C. Continuing education is coordinated through our proprietary, intensive assimilation and training program, including a 154-hour video-based learning module, a 512-page textbook covering practical care-giving principles, a set of 10 audio CDs giving topic-based instruction, concluding with a final examination and peer review leading to certification for all chaplains.

What employee benefits does CCA provide?

Once the waiting period is complete, we provide full-time chaplains with uniforms, paid vacation time, health, dental and vision insurance benefits, 403(b) retirement, life insurance and short-term disability.

Do Chaplains have to raise support or are they paid by CCA?

We do not ask our chaplains to raise their own support. Our chaplains’ total focus is to provide care and show the love of Christ.

If your Chaplains are supposed to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, how do they maintain a good balance between work and family life?

Our chaplains need to have a good balance between their relationship with the Lord, their family and their work. On average, our full-time chaplains work a 40-hour week – 20 hours doing rounds in the companies they serve and 20 hours in care-giving sessions, hospital visits, jail visits, funerals, etc., outside of work. It is rare that an employee needs his chaplain in the middle of the night, but if he does, the chaplain, as part of his care, is available.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our home office at (919) 570-0700.