“Beyond the company saying that we sincerely care about our employees and their families we are now showing that we care.  Employees have embraced the Chaplains’ presence in the workplace, the hospital room, and the funeral home.  A chaplain is always there to ask ‘how can I help you today?’  This is especially helpful for those employees that do not have family or friends to lean on.  They now have a chaplain to call on when in need and they are always available 24/7.”

Jimmie Hughes, VP of Human Resources/Safety
Barnhill Contracting Company

“The chaplaincy program has exceeded all of my original expectations. Over the last six years our chaplains at the various terminals have assisted our employees through crisis after crisis. They have even reached out to our customers in times of crisis.”

Rob Estes, President
Estes Express Lines

“Our chaplain helps people deal with problems that I don’t know how to fix, and when he does that, people are able to focus more on their jobs and be more productive.”

Cecil McCord, President
Garage Doors of Indiana

“The Corporate Chaplains of America program has significantly reduced the high turnover we were experiencing at our tire retreading business.”

Rich Elliott, President
Premier Bandag

“At Banyan, we are blessed to have Albert Beltran as our Corporate Chaplain. He is an important member of the Banyan team, making personal contact with teammates, welcoming new babies, making hospital visits, offering one-on-one counseling and lifting teammates in prayer. He has made 440 calls, responded to 433 regular calls, 96 emergency calls, 26 hospital visits and 1150 care sessions with Banyan teammates.”

Don Campion, CEO

Banyan Air Service

“Because of my company’s chaplain services, I never felt alone. The chaplain continued his weekly visits– at my home! He provided spiritual support for both my late husband and me– offering prayer and comfort during the last days of my husband’s life. I’m not sure how I would have made it through that difficult time without the support and care from my workplace’s chaplain. I will be forever grateful.”

Frances, Employee


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