As a business owner, you know what it’s like to watch employees struggle through personal and professional life issues. You may feel unequipped to offer help, while your employees may feel uncomfortable bringing their personal issues to you. So, how can you offer support while still running the business?

CCA’s Mission

At CCA, our mission is to “build caring relationships with the hope of gaining permission to share the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening manner.” As global economies rise and fall, one need remains the same – the need of souls to find lasting hope.

Since 1996, Corporate Chaplains of America has been helping employees cope with personal and professional life issues. CCA chaplains build relationships with employees, providing objective, confidential, 24/7 care, spiritual encouragement and crisis support. All relationships are permission-based and completely confidential, so the employee is in charge of how deep and to what extent the relationship will grow.

Features of our chaplaincy program include:

  • weekly on-site visits to build trust with employees
  • confidential care for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of employees
  • permission-based relationships, assisting employees in crises
  • assistance for human resource personnel in matters extending beyond the employee
  • monthly reporting to summarize activity

One Employer’s Story

A family business with long-term employees in North Carolina, this employer often played the role of counselor for their employees. As the years went by and the business grew, it became more and more difficult to counsel and manage employees at the same time.

John Quinn, a member of our development team, reached out to this owner.

He suggested that CCA’s program of care and compassion would allow this owner to focus on the business while providing care for its most precious asset, the employees. Further, the overall effectiveness of our chaplaincy ministry would likely result in:

  • lower turnover
  • increased job satisfaction
  • a noticeable decrease in tardiness
  • higher employee productivity
  • less money spent on training
  • lower absenteeism

Starting with CCA in 2006, this owner was initially skeptical – after all, what can one person do? However, she has seen it make a difference. Employees have opened up to their chaplain due to intentional relationship-building. This trust and candor has given employees an outlet to get advice and care at a level the owner never could have provided.

To other small business owners, this owner has a word: “You can’t help your employees through their tough times, no matter how much you want to. Our chaplain is dedicated entirely to this purpose. Everyone needs someone who is kind and open to encourage them. Our chaplain does that for my employees.”

With approximately 250,000 employees and family members under chaplain care, Corporate Chaplains of America is seasoned and proven in integrating care into all kinds of workplace environments.  At Corporate Chaplains of America, “Caring in the Workplace” is more than a slogan – it is a way of life.

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