Caring for Employees like JeQuan!

JeQuan was going through a rough time when his chaplain stopped by his station to talk, like he did every week.  But on this day, JeQuan was not there. The addiction he battled had finally cost him his job.

Though JeQuan lost his job, he did not lose his chaplain. His chaplain stuck with him, helping him go through detox and recovery. In fact, his biggest need wasn’t just for freedom from an addiction, but it was for a relationship with Jesus Christ. Finally, one day on the back porch of CCA’s headquarters, JeQuan surrendered his life to the Lord.

After a few months of help growing as a disciple, JeQuan got a call from his prior boss who had heard of his transformation and was eager to have him back on the team! You see, the company owners themselves loved Jesus and had provided a chaplain for their employees expressly for the purpose of helping them find new life through Christ and become better employees!

Our chaplains meet people like JeQuan every day. There are millions like him who might never set foot in a church…yet most don’t have a chaplain in their workplace. We need your support to change this! Would you prayerfully consider making a donation now for this ministry?

Thank you, and from all of us at CCA, to you and your loved ones, Merry Christmas!