Paris was the site of 2015’s earliest, most notable occurrence of workplace violence.

After last month’s terrorist murders there, outpourings of solidarity found expression across the globe in the words “Je suis Charlie” – French for “I am Charlie,” referring to the name of the newspaper that was attacked.

By asserting that they too “are Charlie,” the millions of people who marched – especially the world leaders who had the insight and courage to make a public stand together at the forefront of the crowd – declared that they would not be intimidated or silenced by the evil acts of the terrorists.

Paris 2015, however, not the earliest or most notable occurrence of an “I am” declaration. Over 3,000 years ago, Almighty God spoke to Moses through a bush burning in the desert, saying when Moses asked His name, “ I AM WHO I AM” (Exodus 3: 14).

God’s reply, while asserting that He is uniquely supreme and His nature is not defined by comparison to anyone else, indicated His attention to, compassion for, and identification with the sufferings of the Hebrew people enslaved in Pharaoh’s Egypt.

And not only did God care about those hurting people – He was about to do something for them. Using Moses, He was about to set them free and bless them with LIFE like they had never before experienced it.

“I AM” is at the heart of our ministry in Corporate Chaplains of America as well. In fact, it’s in our logo, and that’s not by accident.

Every single one of our chaplains is not only our organizational representative in the lives of employees and their loved ones across our nation. They are representatives of the one true God – the God of Moses and “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 1:3) – in the daily situations of life that we all have to face.

Whether a person is walking through marital struggles, childrearing issues, challenges with aging parents, chronic illness, grief, depression, unhealthy dependencies and addictions, financial strains, legal problems, overwhelming stress, or other crises, they are there in His name to offer care and hope.

And they do it every day, round the clock, all year long, applying their training and experience to the real needs of employees whose work performance is affected for good or ill by what’s going on beyond their jobs.

They do it every day, round the clock, all year long, with people who are less and less connected to a caring local church, living in a society that can seem more and more impersonal and artificial.

They do it every day, round the clock, all year long, so people can be set free and blessed with LIFE like they have never before experienced it.

So, the next time someone in your workplace is hurting, think “I am” going to identify with them and help them, and let us know how we can be partners with you in doing so.

Working together, we can be the difference between pain and comfort, brokenness and wholeness, despair and hope.

WE ARE Corporate Chaplains of America and WE OFFER caring in the workplace in Christ’s name! Contact us to learn more about how to have a chaplain serving in your workplace. Also, consider supporting our efforts financially so we can touch even more people through this ministry.

Yours in His name,

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