“I Was Totally Lost, I Was Afraid…”

Roberto and Dan

In 2012 I was totally lost. I was afraid of everything, I was not happy. My mind was always troubled. My marriage was slowly going downhill and I was not giving my kids the attention I should have. So I asked myself, “What is missing? We have everything (at least material stuff) so why do I feel so empty?” I was totally lost and I felt as though I was losing my family.

At the time, I didn’t like Christians, I never understood them. Just when I hit rock bottom and was totally lost, I got an email from Dan McKenney. Dan had been a chaplain at my work for many years and back then I disliked him. However, on April 18, 2012 at 7:51 pm, he sent an email with the subject line that read: “YOU MATTER TO GOD.” The email had the following devotion:

“Yesterday, I received this badly worn out and tattered dollar bill. I started to give it back and ask for a new one. I didn’t do that though, because I realized the worth of the dollar is the same regardless of how much damage has been done to it. The same is true of us. It doesn’t matter what you have been through, or what you have done in your life, God values you because you are his creation. God sent His only Son to die on a cross for people who feel unworthy. That may be how you feel right now. If you do, why not cry out to Jesus? Thank Him for paying such a great price that your sins may be forgiven. Turn your life over to Him and you will experience a ‘spiritual resurrection’ and be a new person in Christ.”

Surprisingly, I didn’t delete his email, as I had done with previous God-related emails from Dan. I replied to him and asked:How can I have such spiritual resurrection?”

Ever since then he has guided me to get closer to Christ, to know Christ better, even helping me to identify a congregation that makes sense for my family and myself.

I am so thankful to have Dan in my life. He has been my Paul, my spiritual guide. Ever since then, my life has changed! I started to follow Jesus and now there’s no going back , “To God be the glory.”