“Corporate Chaplains – An Excellent Employee Benefit”

Corporate Chaplains – An Excellent Employee Benefit

By Marc Martin/C12 Chair-Central Wisconsin


One of the great organizations I’ve been introduced to in my role of being a C12 Group area chair is Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA). CCA provides chaplains to serve the employees of companies across the country. When I first heard Mark Cress, the founder of CCA, speak at a C12 Group training session and explain the corporate chaplain concept, I was excited about hopefully bringing that opportunity to Central Wisconsin.

What the chaplains do is spend time getting to know the employees of the network companies, building relationships, providing a listening ear that many do not have anywhere else in their lives. The routine is for the chaplain to visit the company once a week for about an hour, stopping to chat with the employees for a few minutes and catch up with them. Sometimes those visits need to be around scheduled breaks and lunch times so as to not disrupt the workplace. The chaplain is also available to the employees 24/7 outside of work hours, providing his phone and email contacts. Our local chaplain has attended family funerals and visited employees in the hospital, even given rides to the hospital for some who had no one else to turn to.

CCA has strict guidelines about confidentiality, so the employees can confide in the chaplain in ways they would not feel comfortable sharing with the business owner. In addition to being a trusted friend and confidante for the employees, with the employee’s permission the chaplain is able to share the message of salvation when appropriate to do so. The opportunity to do so locally has presented itself and some employees have taken that step of faith. The chaplain is also there for the owner when he needs a listening ear, which happens on occasion. Read more here….