I Learned What it Means to Be Saved

Testimony Pic 2015

I was introduced to Corporate Chaplains of America through my previous company who provided chaplaincy services. I was excited to learn I would have a new confidant and weekly touch point when my current company provided a CCA chaplain.

I will always remember my chaplain’s involvement when I was about to become a father 5 years ago. He offered me consistent wise counsel through scripture and other helpful resources on the topic of fatherhood. When my daughter was born, he even drove my one-hour commute to our local hospital to see her. It meant so much to both my wife and me.

My family went to church when I was growing up and my wife and daughter had been going to church without me. I didn’t know that Frank and my wife had been praying together for my salvation.

In the fall, I was coaching a youth soccer team, which incorporated weekly devotionals. It really moved me how much the kids enjoyed God’s word and what He was doing in their lives.  During Frank’s weekly rounds that same Fall on Friday, September 26, I told him I didn’t know what it meant to be saved.  I thought I had done enough good things.  He shared the Gospel with me and explained that salvation isn’t based on a scale of doing more good things than bad.  We prayed together and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  My wife and I were baptized this Spring and became members of a church.  Again, Frank was there to celebrate with us.

There has been such a weight lifted off me. I am thankful to Frank for walking with me through life to freedom in Christ. I never knew I could feel this great at 40 years old.