The Night I Considered Suicide


I was an agnostic. When I first discovered my company offered a chaplain,  I thought to myself, “What do we need a chaplain here for?” Mike gave me space to come to him, and now I know I probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Mike.

Mike helped me through the darkest night of my life, a night I was considering suicide. I called him, and he explained to me I could call out to God from my own front porch…that I didn’t have to go to a priest to get forgiveness. That was life changing for me. I gave God my life that night!

A couple months later, my girlfriend of seven years cheated on me and ended our relationship. I went back into that really dark place. At work, my boss sensed something was up, and Mike approached me to see how he could help. We began to talk.

I thought everything would be better since I had Christ in my life.

Why was I hit with this now?

How is God helping me out?

Mike walked me through it, and I can still call him any time to talk or pray together. He is a good listener and is there for me no matter my struggles. He has always given the resources I need to get the help I need. He holds me accountable, and has helped me get back into reading the Bible.

Now, I’m so glad we have a chaplain named Mike. I trust him and our bond has become very special to me.