“Life-Changing for our Marriage”

Jerry Sink

When I began this job, my marriage had been struggling for two years and my wife and I were planning to divorce. At work, my company’s chaplain would pay visits, and we would exchange kind words. But on one particularly rough day, I asked if I could speak with him. I used the time to vent but still held a lot back.

When I asked the chaplain if he would meet with my wife and I, he said, “That’s what I do!” We began meeting off-site and it has been life-changing for our marriage.

Chaplain Danny is amazing! His neutral, listening ear has proven invaluable as he has helped my wife and I talk through our challenges. After meeting with him for months, our marriage is better than it’s ever been.

Finally after 20 years of marriage, we realize how amazing marriage can be. The tears that we’ve shed in sorrow have been equaled by the tears of joy we’ve shed in the past two months!