I Thank God that my company allows a chaplain to work alongside us…

Posted By Sarah Greene on Nov 9, 2015 | 1 comment


I met my company’s chaplain Myron just as I was “starting back on my journey with God.”  I needed spiritual help and someone I could talk to in hard times. The Lord brought him into my life during a time when I didn’t have many friends and my marriage needed help. It meant so much to know he was just a phone call or text away and he really cared about me. I’ve confided in him and can trust him.  He is a blessing and an answered prayer.

I look forward to each working day that I know Myron will be visiting my workplace.  “I consider him a friend and am very thankful for what Jesus has done in his life in order to help others.”

I believe there is a need for workplace chaplaincy and more people like Myron in workplaces. Everyone has some type of problem and needs someone to talk to in the hard times. Many of us work late and just don’t know where to find the right kind of help. I know if Myron had not shown up when he did, I might still be looking for help. I thank God that my company allows a chaplain to work alongside us!