They Give Me Strength!

I began working third shift at a company in Vermont and started watching Chaplain Scott make his rounds.  He was so kind!  My brother, Cliff, was really sick in Florida with a lung disease and I was really upset. When Chaplain Scott found out, he would make it a point to come check on me during his visits.Scott C cropped

A year after meeting Scott, I was sent to prison for 18 months. I knew Scott was praying for me the whole time I was in prison. When I was released, he immediately checked on me to see how I was doing and to ask about my brother.

My brother was in terminal condition in Florida and needed a lung transplant. I was devastated and wanted to be with him. Scott took it upon himself to contact Joe, a chaplain in Florida, and asked him to visit my brother. Joe called me to introduce himself and came to meet me once I was able to visit my brother. He went with me to visit my brother and prayed with us both.

Kevin Dodge Bro

Kevin’s brother

After my brother died and I returned home to Vermont, both chaplains were still there for me. This is why we have chaplains, to help us get through the hard times.  They give me strength! -Kevin