A Season of Light

Elephant_Rayons de soleil

The longest day of the year is fast approaching. Summertime assures us a flood of sunshine and the anticipation of much needed vacation time. Some of our greatest childhood memories are those lazy days of summer soaking up the rays and exploring new places. Sunshine is also very therapeutic and healing. Where a cloudy day might bring a feeling of sadness, a sunny day brings refreshment.

The Bible tells us that Jesus is the light of the world (John 8:12). In an often dark world there is something very refreshing about a Jesus that is filled with light and hope – “The people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light…” (Mat 4:16 ESV). Even the idea of the incarnation at Christmas is centered around a lighted star pointing the way. In the end times there will be no need for a sun because Jesus will be all the light needed.

Light in the Bible represents hope, truth, direction, clarity, holiness, answers, and redemption. Sometimes these traits seem so far from our world today (like the winter gray and gloom).  But isn’t this what the world needs…what we need? Just as each of us are desperate for a few days of summer sun, we are also looking for someone who will bring hope. Jesus is that light-giver and life-giver. Through his payment on the Cross, we have hope and forgiveness.

Just like the beggar who has found bread, we have the privilege of showing the light to others. Finding the light of Jesus means also showing the light of Jesus. We are not the source of light but we can certainly reflect the light of Jesus…almost like a human mirror.  Every day, our corporate chaplains are reflecting the light of Jesus to employees in workplaces across America. You also have the unique opportunity to reflect the light of Jesus at your work.  Whether you are an employee or business owner, you have a platform to bring His light to many who will never set foot in a church.  Let’s join together as light bearers to bring Real Hope for Real Life!