CCA Louisiana Chaplain Offers Hope

Posted By Sarah Greene on Sep 6, 2016 | 4 comments

Louisiana Flood Update: Thank you to everyone who gave to help us minister to the victims of the Louisiana floods by donating on social media. We have been able to provide gift cards to employees in the companies we serve that have been most impacted. Please continue to pray and give here.  Here is a story from one of our Louisiana chaplains:

debrisThe weekend after the flood I was able to get a list of all of my companies’ employees that had been affected by the flood. I called them and told them I, along with all of CCA, was praying for them. If they wanted to talk I would listen. I told them I probably couldn’t do much to help, but let me know. One employee asked if I could do a load of laundry for him. Before he could finish I told him I was on my way. His subdivision looked like a bomb had gone off and the smell was almost overwhelming. This employee is a nice guy. He gladly talks to me every week. He shies away from spiritual conversation, but doesn’t shy away from me.

When I got inside his house he had plenty of help gutting his home. However you could tell he was in a state of shock. He took me to some clothes that had been underwater and were still in the drawers even though they were on the driveway. As I grabbed the clothes to put them in a bag I was sickened by the smell. He said we should probably just throw them away. I said, “No, let’s wash them. If they still stink then we can throw them away.” I took several bags because they were so full of water.

My thought process was I will lay them all out on my hot driveway and let the water evaporate out and maybe they wouldn’t quite smell so bad before I put them in my wife’s washer. As I laid them out on the driveway a storm started to move in. I was a little irritated. I wanted them to dry out; I didn’t want them to get pounded by more rain. God had a little different plan. It was a long rain and harder than I had anticipated. After it was over I walked outside to check on them and the first thing I noticed was that the smell was almost gone. The rain had given the clothes a sort of pre-rinse. It was probably the best thing that could have happened.

Matthew 6:30 “But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tshirtstomorrow is thrown into the furnace, will He not much more clothe you? You of little faith!” I was able to wash and dry three loads of laundry for this employee and all his things were saved. I just wanted to serve my people. Even if it’s washing nasty, smelly clothes. When you lose so much in a disaster, keeping t-shirts from 5Ks provides a sense of comfort and normalcy.  As tragic as this event has been, it will be used by God to turn hearts to Him.