Facing Our Personal 9/11s

Posted By Sarah Greene on Sep 6, 2016 | 2 comments


Fifteen years have now passed since that horrific morning which cut us to our national quick, and forever altered our sense of security and view of the world.

Consider this: During that same month, countless people in the United States (and beyond) also buried loved ones due to other events and circumstances. Even more people experienced emotional and physical trauma–through automobile accidents, medical conditions, job losses, divorces, crimes, and many other circumstances. For each individual affected, the turmoil was real, in many cases scarring them for the rest of their lives.

Question:  Out of all the September 2001 events, whose grief was “worse”? Was it the grief of the person who received a dire medical diagnosis, the person whose spouse handed them divorce papers, the person brutalized by an attacker, or someone else?

Thought:  While tragic events have varying degrees of impact on society as a whole, the case can be made that each grieving person’s sense of loss over their tragic events is unsurpassed. Their trauma and its effects on them are, for them, uniquely devastating.

Tragedy and grief are like earthquakes – they come in varying magnitudes and affect people to various extents. Sometimes the effects are repairable, other times not. Wondrously, however, the love, comfort and hope of Christ can meet us all in our personal moments of dire need, whatever the event or circumstance that causes them. No wound or hurt is too “small” for God, and no wound or hurt is too “large.”

This is the truth that our trained, professional chaplains…

  • carry into workplaces (over 1100 of them, to nearly 100,000 employees) day after day.
  • share by listening to and caring for employees and their family members in every imaginable situation of need.
  • offer in a society where the vast majority of people do not have a meaningful connection to a local church.
  • offer to people who spend most of their waking hours at their place of employment, and likely will not be reached with the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ in any other setting.

Do you have a CCA chaplain serving in your workplace? If so, we are grateful for the privilege to partner with you in making a lasting difference in your employees’ lives. Thank you!  If not, we would love to talk with you about adding value to your company’s benefits both for its employees and the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom. Please Contact us today!

Together, we CAN be part of helping others receive comfort and eternal hope through a relationship with Jesus Christ– hope that surpasses the tragedy, turmoil, trauma, devastation and grief of real life in this dying world.