Company Spotlight: The Heritage Company

Company Name: The Heritage Company 

Company Size: 400 – 450 employees, 3 separate facilities (Sherwood, Searcy, & Jonesboro, Arkansas)

Company Info:  We are direct marketing fundraiser for non-profit and 501-c-3 charities.  Learn more about what we do here!

Years having a Chaplain: 5

Why did you decide to bring a chaplain into your company? For the spiritual and mental well being of our employees

What value does your chaplain bring to your company? Every week, Chaplain Danny visits with every employee present in all our facilities bringing them spiritual healing, comfort, and a shoulder to lean on. He shows up at the hospital for each and every one of us, when needed or wanted, and he stays by our sides through some of the biggest achievements and biggest tragedies in our lives. We’ve all grown very attached to Danny Harris. He is like a member of our family!

How would you describe the benefits of chaplaincy to another owner who is considering whether he/she should utilize chaplaincy?  We appreciate and highly recommend Corporate Chaplains of America for your company and the people there you care about. Our Chaplain Danny Harris has been such an inspiration and comfort to so many at The Heritage Company in times of need. He has been there for hospital visits, funerals, sick family members, personal crisis such as homes destroyed by fire or tornados as well as weddings, baptisms or lifting people up in prayer. We are truly blessed to be a company that has such a wonderful benefit for all here. I love the fact that anyone that needs someone to talk to has Chaplain Danny to speak to in confidence and can find comfort in knowing what they discuss will go no further. In today’s world with stress and problems, our leadership at Heritage is proud to be able to offer this service to our dedicated work family. ~ Sandra Franecke, Owner, The Heritage Company


Danny is absolutely wonderful! When Haleigh had her ankle surgery last year he came to the hospital and prayed with us before and kept in touch after. After she had her strokes, he came to the hospital to see her more than once and kept in touch the whole month she was there. He has such compassion and you can tell he really cares from his heart. ~ Richelle McWilliams

Mr. Danny is a calming and welcoming presence for us at the Heritage Company. He makes rounds a couple of times a week and stops by to meet the training classes and explain about how having a chaplain works. Mr. Danny is there to encourage us, motivate us, give us advice if needed, or just to be a listening ear. I have taken advantage of having him here with us a couple of times, just to get some stuff off of my chest that I didnt have anyone else to talk to about. He was a great listener and offered some really good advice! I love having him here as part of the team! ~ Audrey Mahoney

I have been visiting with Danny the entire time he has been with our company. I have seen him do so much good for the people of Heritage! Personally, he has helped me accept Jesus into my life. He has made sure that my children have learned the word of God, as well as myself. When I’ve been sick, he has been there with me. When my aunt who raised me was ailing, he offered to visit her in the hospital and he prayed with me when she passed away. He even came to the hospital at 6 a.m. to pray with me before my tonsillectomy! I have been attending college for the last 4 years and he always remembers and always asks me how my studies are going. Danny is family to me and to all who work here, and always will be! ~ Chrissy Rivera