A Prayer Request from Chaplain Ken in Las Vegas…

I have lived here in Las Vegas for 40 years now.  This is where I met Christ, met my wife, and raised our three sons.  The Lord has allowed me to minister here for a long time, and I do have a love for the people here in Las Vegas…both the lost people and my brothers and sisters in Christ as well.

Las Vegas is still a bit stunned and very sad regarding the senseless shooting.  The city and many churches are coming together to take care of many of the physical needs of families of those killed and the hundreds who are hurt and in hospitals.

I would ask for prayer on these levels…

*Pray for healing over the 500+ injured.

*Pray comfort for the 58 families who lost loved ones.

*Pray for the long-term mental health needs of those suffering from posttramautic stress.

*Pray that Christ’s love and joy over those who are sad and grieving.

*Pray that folks in our town, both saved and unsaved, would realize that eternity is in our hearts and that our lives truly are just vapors, appearing for a little while, then vanishing away.

*Pray for the individuals and organizations providing physical help of shelter, food and water to those involved.

*Pray that the Lord will give all of these workers and recipients a hunger that only He can supply.

*Pray that the great life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ would go out in power from me and others who profess to be Christians.  I believe opportunities will abound in this area.

*Pray that most of all  our great God and Savior Jesus Christ would be glorified through this whole situation.