Grief Hurts!

Posted By on Sep 19, 2016

  “Simply put, grief can be defined as pain caused by loss.   Some dictionaries describe it as ‘mental’ pain or anguish, but anyone who has truly grieved knows that grief’s effects are not just mental. They are physical, emotional, relations, and spiritual – in other works they completely envelop your life. And while marked by common elements, each person’s grief is unique.” (Taken from “Finding Hope in Times of Grief.” Preston and...

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As Christ-followers, we are often taught that true Christians are always happy, thankful people; that depression is something caused by a lack a faith and not a medical condition. But then, one day someone I love was diagnosed with a depressive disorder. Doctors said that our bodies need to maintain stable levels of serotonin but that some of the receptors in my loved one’s brain were blocked.   So what is depression and what can you...

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