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Corporate Chaplains of America

is a permission-based care partner for your organization
that helps guide your employees through life’s inevitable challenges.

Why does your Company need a Chaplain?

  • Employees are your greatest asset.
  • Life challenges impact everyone.
  • It is an investment in your company’s culture.
  • Provides above and beyond support when an employer can't or shouldn't.
  • Extends support to employee’s family and friends.
  • Extension of Employee Assistance Programs.

What impact does a Chaplain have on your Organization?

  • Improved morale.
  • Increased employee engagement.
  • Decreased stress.
  • Creates a culture of care.
  • Reduction of work-related tension.
  • Provides a safe and confidential way for employees to seek help, whether personal or work related.

How does it work?

  • Full-time Chaplain for relationship consistency.
  • Accessible 24/7/365.
  • Proactive on-site weekly visits.
  • Extends out of the office for hospital visits, funerals, and at-home visits.
  • Monthly reporting back to the leadership team.

A Good Resource for Our People

“There are a lot of problems that my staff has, the people that work for me, that I am not equipped to handle. So having a corporate chaplain, someone with training, someone with experience that can be dedicated to that problem for the person, and to keep it confidential, allows us to give a real meaningful asset to our staff.” · Janet Ward Black, Principal Owner

A Culture of Caring

“We put a lot of emphasis on valuing our people… I would absolutely recommend other companies to use Corporate Chaplains of America, it really is a good resource for our people.” ·William Wolfe, Service Center Manager