We serve nearly 2,600 company locations reaching 1,000,000 employees and their family members.

Corporate Chaplains of America is making a meaningful difference in the workplace. Watch our video to find out how.

Our Chaplains make an impact.

Business Owners & CEOs

The effects of just one distressed employee impact the entire team and the company’s bottom line as a whole. Showing you support your team with the addition of a dedicated Corporate Chaplain empowers your employees to be undistracted, productive key players who add value and grow your business.

Human Resources Support

By prioritizing each individual employees’ needs, you give them the gift of an improved quality of life. CCA understands the challenges that arise from unresolved personal pain and have helped thousands of businesses nationwide create a Culture of Care for their employees.


It can feel impossible to focus on your work when you are in the depths of a personal crisis. Our Chaplains conduct confidential weekly 1-on-1 permission-based care sessions and are available 24/7 via secure app access and phone line to provide you support when you need it most.

How does caring for your employees fit into your company culture?

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We put the care in company culture.

The effects of a personal crisis—such as a death, divorce, or illness—do not pause during work hours. Your employees will need support to make it through. Watch our video above to learn more.

Our 4-Point Process

Our Chaplains serve over 1,000,000 employees and their families nationwide. See the difference our 4-Point Process makes.

About CCA

CCA cultivates Chaplains who see chaplaincy not as a means to an income, but as a true calling to serve others.


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The Impact of a Chaplain

A dedicated Corporate Chaplain not only impacts the employees we support, but also impacts the company as a whole.

Why are people leaving their jobs?

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