Employee Support

We Exist to Create a Culture of Care for You.

Employee care has been our top priority since our founding in 1996.

It can be challenging to show up to work every day and give 110% when you have a personal crisis and have no one to talk to about it. CCA prioritizes the employee.

When your business partners with us, employees receive confidential, permission-based weekly one-on-one care. These sessions are up to the discretion of each individual. You can reach your corporate chaplain 24/7 through your secure app access and phone line. Even if you’re not in a crisis, you always have a Corporate Chaplain in your corner!

CCA Provides 1-on-1 Employee Support

Pre-Marriage and Marriage Issues

Marriage isn’t always like the romantic comedies that Hollywood portrays. Whether you’re engaged or married, a CCA Corporate Chaplain is available for you.

Grief Care and Hospital Visits

You can’t control when tragedy strikes; however, you can control who walks alongside you. A CCA Corporate Chaplain supports you and your family.

Children and Aging Parents Support

Whether you are caring for children or caring for aging parents, each season of life has fresh challenges. A CCA Corporate Chaplain is here to support you through it.

Stress Management

Don’t let stress control you; a CCA Corporate Chaplain is here to help you manage your stress to help you get back in control of your life.


Read on to learn how our Chaplains are making a positive impact on the employees they serve.

Is your company culture holding your business back?

Download our informational PDF guide “Quiet Quitting” to find out how your team’s culture could benefit from a dedicated Corporate Chaplain.


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