About Corporate Chaplains of America

We are CCA and we empower workforce stability.

From our founding in 1996 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit through today, CCA continues to provide the kind of employee care that results in healthier individuals, stronger teams, and more resilient cultures.

We serve and respect people from all faith backgrounds, including those with no faith at all, meeting them right where they are. With unparalleled hours of engagement, we live out our mission by seeing every individual as holding immense value.

Your Need is Great

Life is full of the unexpected. And it's difficult to compartmentalize pain. From a financial crisis to a divorce, from a hospital visit to a devastating family death, it's difficult to keep all these stresses separate from work. Employees aren't the only ones who suffer during a crisis.

Time after time, employers witness the impact that a crisis has on teams, on culture, and on finances. They express being underprepared or feeling inadequate when employee care is needed most.

Your Capacity is Limited

It's challenging to run your business when your employees are suffering. There are needs you want to meet, but your availability or your title prevents you from getting involved. This is why hundreds of businesses around the country trust Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA) to help stabilize their workforce; bringing relational care to the workplace when it is needed most.

By placing a highly trained, on-site chaplain inside your organization, you are increasing your capacity to care for your team.

You Want Partners You Can Trust

Improving employee care should enhance the mission and vision of an organization, not distract from it. Our competent chaplains are advocates for your core values and corporate culture. Their ability to stabilize your workforce comes from their consistent engagement with your team, their own workplace experience, and professional chaplaincy training.

Our rigorous qualifications for chaplains have resulted in us hiring, on average, only 1 in 38 applicants. For the CEO / business owner, it is our objective to be the kind of partner that maximizes employee engagement


Read on to learn how our Chaplains are making a positive impact on the employees they serve.

Is your company culture holding your business back?

Download our informational PDF guide “The Company Culture Advantage” to find out how your team’s culture could benefit from a dedicated Corporate Chaplain.