2021 Light

Proclaim the Gospel in America's Workplaces

Since 1996, Corporate Chaplains of America has placed World-Class Chaplains into organizations to guide employees with Christ-centered care through life’s inevitable challenges. Chaplains are there 24/7/365 – on the good days and the bad days – when it all falls together or all falls apart, Corporate Chaplains seek permission to lean in and speak Truth.

As a result, there have been almost 47,000 decisions for Jesus Christ – in the American workplace since we began!

Will you seize this opportunity to proclaim the Gospel in the American workplace with us?

Your Gift Makes an Impact in the Workforce by...

...Accelerating the Opening of New Workplace Mission Fields

...Enabling the Recruitment, Onboarding, and Training of World-Class Chaplains

...Unleashing Christ-Centered Laborers into the Harvest Fields of the American Workforce