W.T. “Bill” Cassels

W. T. “Bill” Cassels

Mr. W.T. “Bill” Cassels is a very special man. His life has demonstrated four significant character traits: humility, loyalty, care and excellence in stewardship.

Mr. Cassels has consistently demonstrated humility over the years through his interaction with Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL) employees. He possesses the relational equity to be on the same level with each SEFL team member, whether tenured or new hires. In every job and on every shift, he is loved deeply by the SEFL team.

When Mr. Cassels visited a service center, he didn’t just stay in the office talking to leadership. He walked around and talked to the associates like they had been friends their whole lives. He laughed with them, encouraged them, and he listened to them.
His loyalty was illustrated by his relationship with his wife, Charlotte, whom he married in 1951. Bill always found ways to serve Charlotte, and even when she could not be left alone, she would accompany him to the SEFL office. Even on her most difficult days, Charlotte was a gracious presence to everyone she encountered. Charlotte passed away in November 2018 and is dearly missed.

Bill’s caring heart was evident in every encounter. He was pleasant and eager to teach as much as possible about the trucking industry – an industry that he loves dearly. In the early days, he even manned the Corporate Chaplain’s booth at the American Trucker’s Association convention in order to expose new trucking lines to chaplaincy!

But an essential thing Bill Cassels taught was that a company thrives because they pursue excellence in stewardship of employees. From the very beginning, Bill Cassels modeled knew that “if the company takes care of their employees, the employees will take care of their customers, and the customers will take care of their future.” Living out this mission is what makes working at SEFL different.

Sure, treating associates well makes excellent business sense. But that isn’t the driver for Mr. Cassels. He truly loves his associates with a love that overflows from his deep and abiding relationship with Christ. We at CCA are humbled and grateful for Bill Cassels’ and Southeastern Freight Line’s faithful, generous partnership.

– Chaplain Clay Summers
– Former Chaplain and CCA Chief Operations Officer Brian Ayers