J. Frank Harrison

J. Frank Harrison III

Just five years shy of Coca-Cola Consolidated’s 100 birthday in 2002, the great-grandson of the company’s founder, J. Frank Harrison III became its Chairman and CEO. In this role, Frank has continued the commitment to serve others, pursue excellence and grow profitability under the umbrella purpose of “honoring God in all we do.” As the largest Coca-Cola Bottler in the United States, Frank Harrison’s leadership has focused on the company’s culture, and Corporate Chaplains of America is honored to partner in serving the Coke Consolidated team. Frank has been a champion for corporate chaplaincy in his own company and has enabled Corporate Chaplains of America to leverage the Coke brand and influence. His leadership has led dozens of like-minded leaders to engage the life-changing care of chaplaincy in their organizations. Frank’s impact has touched hundreds of thousands of lives at Coke Consolidated and beyond. Frank Harrison embodies the work as worship theme of Avodah in everything he does, including his selfless efforts at T-Factor, helping other companies build great cultures, to his leadership at Open Eyes to see the Gospel proclaimed in hard places. But perhaps Frank’s greatest attribute is his authenticity. He loves Jesus when he is alone, the same way he loves him on stage. He is the living embodiment of Micah 6:8, a servant leader who acts justly, loves mercy, and walks humbly with his God. Frank Harrison has inspired, equipped, and replicated a godly legacy that has impacted American business for good, for God, and growth.