Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright, CEO
Wright Brothers Construction Company

In 1961, James and Robert Wright embarked on a business venture utilizing their father’s bulldozer, specializing in pond excavation and other agricultural projects. Little did they anticipate that their unwavering work ethic and devotion to both faith and family would become Wright Brothers Construction Company, now acknowledged as a preeminent civil contracting entity in the Southeastern United States.

Under the humble leadership of Stephen “Steve” Wright, this leading-edge Christian-owned company remains rooted in traditional core values such as integrity, urgency, selflessness, and industriousness. Evolving over the last sixty-plus years into a formidable enterprise, every company member acknowledges the divine favor upon their endeavors.

While the first to acknowledge his imperfections, Steve Wright is a steadfastly committed and devoted follower of Jesus Christ, filled with gratitude for the privilege of residing in a free and prosperous nation. This “Avodah” spirit, combined with his family’s legacy and some of the most talented construction professionals in the industry, has built a unique and dynamic corporate culture at Wright Brothers Construction Company that extends genuine care and concern for all employees, transcending professional boundaries.

This aspect of Wright Brother’s Construction and Steve Wright’s leadership provided the intersection for WBCC and Corporate Chaplains of America. Steve’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of each Wright Brothers team member. Providing access to a chaplain for each one — from new hires to skilled operators and administrative professionals – has been a paramount priority.

Steve Wright’s commitment to stewarding every person and opportunity has made all the difference in the Wright Brothers’ success, and it’s all to God’s glory.

Corporate Chaplains of America acknowledges Stephen Wright’s remarkable leadership with induction into the Avodah Fellowship on December 11, 2023.