What is Chaplaincy?

Full Time Chaplain

  • Trained, Professional
  • Relationship Consistency
  • Single Focus Calling
  • Available 24/7/365
  • No Time Limitations 

Weekly Contact

  • On-site rounds with every employee
  • Proactive engagement with distributed workplace
  • Weekly points of encouragement
  • Nationwide Network of Care

Care Sessions

  • Crisis care including hospital visits and funerals
  • Jail and court visits
  • Off-site sessions to discuss family, marriage, emotional needs and more
  • Help for addictions


  • Confidential
  • Permission-based
  • Participation is always voluntary
Mobile App and Comprehensive Resources
Personalized Care for Distributed Workforce
Monthly Activity Reporting and Statistics

What is a Corporate Chaplain?

Watch this short video to learn what a workplace chaplain does and the types of services a CCA chaplain can provide for your company.

Qualifications for a Corporate Chaplain:

  • Seven years of workplace experience
  • Seminary Trained
  • Progressive Training Module 



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