Light the Workplace

Corporate Chaplains of America’s donors have enabled new strategies and expanded our reach to cover more employees with Life-Changing Care! So far this year, over 27,000 life-changing decisions for Christ have happened through our chaplains! To continue our growth, a group of generous partners have agreed to match every gift that comes to CCA before December 31, 2023, up to $250,000!

Our commitment is to use every dollar to reach more people with the Gospel! Your generous gift to CCA will shine the Light of Christ into the workplace. We can even leverage your gifts of stock, crypto, Donor Advised Funds, and other assets toward this match!

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More and more, donors are making tax-smart gifts to support CCA.

Make the most of your Donor-Advised Fund (DAF):

With a grant recommendation today, you can give from funds you've already set aside! This tool integrates with your DAF custodian and takes just a few minutes to use (and helps us track your gift).
Give from your DAF today.

Save on two types of taxes by donating stocks or mutual funds:

By donating appreciated assets, you avoid capital gains tax and often getting a full deduction for the value of your gift. Note: When you donate stock, please use this tool so we can track your gift and send you the right receipt.
Save on taxes with a stock gift now.

If you’re 70.5 or older and want to lower your taxable income:

Donations from your IRA to CCA reduce your taxable income and can help meet a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). Note: When you make an IRA gift, please use this tool so we can track your gift and thank you appropriately.
Give from your IRA.

If you want to make an impact with your cryptocurrency.

A donation of appreciated cryptocurrency in support of CCA can help you avoid capital gains taxes and get a big tax deduction.
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