Avodah Fellowship

Two thousand years ago, the Hebrew people had a word that merged work, service to others, and worship of God. Avodah (ah–voe–dah).

What if our hearts worshiped behind the desk, you envisioned that project you’re working on as an offering? What if the next staff meeting or board meeting was a worship meeting? Avodah.

Discovering Work as Worship is what Corporate Chaplains of America strives to build into company cultures across the country where we are undaunted in sharing the hope of Christ and unleashing Avodah in the American Workplace. 

It has been our distinct privilege to serve those in the workplace who possess the spirit of Avodah. To recognize these extraordinary workplace leaders, Corporate Chaplains of America has created the Avodah Fellowship. This fellowship is our recognition of an individual whose labor and service is or was conducted, not flawlessly, but faithfully, as worship before the great “I AM.”